Janer Langer


Combining strong storytelling with a versatile background, Janet creates custom-tailored experiences from artist to audience. Her choreography is influenced heavily by street styles and cultural movement with an athletic, rock edge. Janet embodies a true balance of professionalism and adventure, keeping it focused and always fun.

Her classes will leave you breathless and invigorated, with a renewed self awareness.

Her credits include: NKOTB, BSB, Jennifer Lopez, 30 Seconds to Mars, Google and more. She is currently working on Hong Kong superstar Jacky Cheung’s Farewell Tour as a Supervising Choreographer under the direction of Nappytabs.

Janet is most well-known for her entertaining way of connecting with people and her balance of fun while getting the job done. Other creative outlets that contribute to her artistic style are Fight Choreography/Stunts, Photography, Sound Design, Film Production, Comedy, Improv and Acting.